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What if you can see more than your eyes let you? What if "out of body" experience is something real? What if you don't need to take drugs to experience the world beyond material reality?
Imagine that technology could augment your senses and extend your mind across space, reveal the invisible, and take you to the world where "just" watching is never an observation only. Did you say yes? So read on, it is free ...

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Gatthae project

Gatthae Island is an interactive VR experience set in the universe of the graphic novel series Machines Of Adventure. It explores the concept of augmented perception beyond given senses, which reveals hidden layers of reality, invisible connections, and the importance of interaction with the world around us.
The user will explore the Gatthae island where she/he will learn to interact with various objects until the hidden connections between matter and motion become apparent.
Using gestures, moves, and especially combined flow of both will initiate visual manifestation of previously hidden potentialities, and so the user will become able to levitate or to use telekinesis - as was the main hero of the story, thanks to his multi-sensory swarm of drones.

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