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An inventor of swarm drones uses augmented reality helmet to see and feel all the informations flowing from the sensors. This experience will develop and extended ability to perceive and interact with reality. It turns out that observation is never passive event. Before mastering this new power, he has to educated ...

Could technology give a man super powers? And how about our mind? What will happen if we use technology to change the way we see the world? What if the way we perceive the reality is our answer to super powers? Read Drone Dreams and Swarmrider graphics novels to find the answers.
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Drone Dreams: 01

Swarmirder: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09

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The idea of "Machines of adventure" book initially emerged as a collection of personal works connected through a very vague story. Ultimately, the story has grown up beyond the role of the glue, and became a core of something much bigger. Just see for yourself!

The first ever book "Machines of Adventure: Prologue" was originally bundled with AutoDesign&Styling magazine #42 and was available internationally at selected shops or via subscription. Aside the magazine edition, series of boxed limited edition was released lately in 2013. Boxes were produced by the "Sheltered workshop", which is charity institution that employs people with disabilities and helps them out to easier integrate into the society. Despite all their handicaps, they deliver an amazing quality at many crafts! All copies of both regular and limited edition are sold out and won’t be reprinted.



To dream in 3 Dimensional space, explore a concept, and then create a narrative, without resorting to the clichés of many before, puts this great piece of work, into the stellar league.


Designer, futurist, educator

Wonderfully cinematic, a visual treat filled with amazing designs!


Concept artist - Battlefield: Hardline, Fast and Furious: Supercharged), Is This Heaven, Guardians of the Galaxy …

From amazing automotive designs to sleek flying drones, Mike’s unique visual eye for design is now in graphic novel form. Striking designs and dynamic visuals on every page, a great read and wonderful source of inspiration!

Concept artist, matte painter - Guardians of the Galaxy, Sky fall, Solomon Kane, Max Payne …

With his background in transportation design and an unbounded energy for learning and conceptual design, Mike Jelinek has created in “Swarmrider”, a world where creatures, vehicles, machines, characters and epic landscapes all co-exist and he has tied them all together with just a bit of science shrouded in mysterious dark matter. This work enjoys all the benefits of adventure, design and catastrophe to make a delightful read and the imagery to take one into his world where anything is possible. The amount of work it takes to dream up a world like this and then to properly envision it for the rest of us is to be marveled at. There is care in the story, the design process and the details of the concepts. I hope to see a continuation in the “Machines of Adventure” series in future.  

Designer and assistant professor at the College for Creative Studies

Fantastic work, I really love the way how you present the process of this project!
very nicely done


Concept artist - Military Runner, ExistenZe, NBA, Vertigun ...